Press Play is a joint program that was created for military veterans who have a passion for gaming. Created by the nonprofit CORE Studios, we partnered up with Stack Up and Vincent "Rocco" Vargas to create a collection of shows that opens the way for other veterans to connect and learn new skills through active participation.

The crew of CORE Studios has an extensive portfolio in various professions and skill sets including photography, videography, costume design, special effects makeup, woodworking, prop creation, concept artwork, website creation, 3D modeling/printing, and much more.

Vincent "Rocco" Vargas was a U.S Army Ranger, a Drill Sergeant, and a member of the Border Patrol. He has since transitioned to become an entertainer, producer, and writer. He is best known for his role as "Gilly" on Mayans M.C. and as a motivational speaker and supporter for other military veterans.

Stack Up is a 501c3 charity supporting US and allied active duty and veterans' mental health through the power of gaming and geek culture.

With our team and location in place, we are ready to move forward. To help facilitate our goals, we are looking to raise funding to be able to create a set that can be assembled and broken down when not in use, as well as to secure the equipment needed for filming and editing purposes.


Project Play

As our flagship production, this show brings together groups of veterans to play tabletop gaming, such as with the use of d&d, or other similar systems from other sources, in a theater-style environment. This will provide an opportunity for our veterans to learn about character acting and development, and other various production-related skills.

At the end of each season, we plan to create an animated show to also teach veterans about 3D and traditional animation, voice acting, and other necessary skills.

Press Play

High-Speed Lag

A broadcast series where the cast members of shows from "Press Play" stream video games, either playing together or with our fanbase.

Stack Up has pledged their support to the Press Play program through usage of the Phalanx House in Los Angeles, California. This location has been used to bring veterans together for the purpose of camaraderie through gaming and aligns with what "Press Play" is about.

Phalanx House