Project Play is an actual play program geared towards military veterans

We incorporate skill based learning opportunities as one of the main focuses of Project Play

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Project Play

Where gaming meets acting

Operating out of the Phalanx House in Los Angeles, California, Project Play will be a show where a group of military veterans come together for one season each to livestream and play a tabletop rpg campaign.

By their inherent nature actual play productions typically incorporate skills of acting and character creation/development. The team in front of the camera mainly focuses on just handling their side of the show with support from a crew of audio technicians, camera operators and everything else that comes with a production. In Project Play, cross-learning and participation on both sides of the camera is encouraged.

We also will be utilizing 3D design and modeling technologies to create the tabletop environments that will help create a visual playing field for the players involved, as well as creating replicas of the characters they will be creating for the show.

In addition, each season will have surprise guest appearances by seasoned actors that will take the time to mentor our cast of veterans and add their own character's antics to the game as well.

At the end of each season, our goal is to be able to turn each campaign into an animated show and further teach each participating veteran skills in the media and technology spaces.

Season 1

All openings for the cast have been filled. Please stay tuned for the announcment of season two, where we will be doing another casting call.

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